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Cervical Ulcer

Popularly known as the wound in the cervix known (erezyone cervicitis) is a common gynecological disease.

Cervicitis Institution meaning of the word chronic, inflammatory disease of the cervix continuously. Wound (wound cervical), erosion i.e. infected tissue around the cervical region.

The wounds of the cervix (the wound in the cervix) (erezyone cervicitis) is, why?

1-often depending gonorrhea (clap) klamidia, trichomoniasis and HPV infections, the

Bookmark and traumatic sex with two columns, 3-A of the condom and chemical stored cervix placed

Not for 4-on, cervical tears repaired lost

For these reasons, the cervical squamous epithelium (skin) layers of endocervical lost causes (cervical internal channel) that the canal.

To change the field this region appears more red blood too. And this is the most affected tissue infection, cervical cords (cervicitis erezyone injury).

Sometimes the intestine epithelium (skin) causes the infected tissue stroma to disappear. This is known as cervical ulcers.

This causes other problems due to the formation of cysts in the cervix caused naboti. Because endocervical cysts, inflammation of the repair process of the gland ducts Naboti

(epithelialization) narrow.

Therefore, endocrine glands (mucus) and bosalamaz fluid. Rear Göllenerek naboti produces cysts.

What are the symptoms of the cervical injury?

  1. Vaginal Discharge: yellow, white, pasty, and sticky. This changes consistency discharge current during ovulation is different.

  2. Bleeding or spotting after a relationship

  3. Intermediate pieces no bleeding: excessive swelling and edema of the cervical epithelium, depending on the internal channel would be increased fragility and easily traumatized. This leads vaginal bleeding spots on the end of the shower, or sex.

  4. Shot lower back pain coccyx

  5. Burning urination, frequent urination, and urinary retention are difficult. This is due to infection of the cervix, lymph yayilmasindandir (by neighborhood) of the urinary bladder.

The honeymoon appears Honeymoon cystitis is for these reasons.

Frequent intercourse and extremely alert and trauma to the mouth of the uterus, resulting in the formation of urinary problems.

  1. Infertility causes by 10%, primarily due to the factors listed in the mouth of the uterus, cervix and wounds. The infection and changes in the structure of the sperm (male seed) prevent passage of the uterus.

What is the diagnosis of cervical lesions?

It can be easily diagnosed by the appearance of a regular gynecological exam. Before starting treatment should be taken (malignant) malicious smear to check for an event that slept. Biopsy suspicious areas can occur.

Anecdotal cases of doubt, colposcopy, or positive HPV status should be monitored vascular and biopsy.

Treatment of passing the test, you must wait for the results.

What should I do to prevent cervical injury?

  1. Suspect and have sex with people you do not know. Particularly gonorrhea (clap) men

  2. At birth, the cervix should not break the waiting period. When medical personnel (doctor or midwife) is a big responsibility. Even if you need to repair broken, bleeding occurs in the cervix. Meanwhile, some of our patients have torn cervix, where it is said that during the rise to the formation of the head, vagina and perineum during childbirth (in the anus to the vaginal area) to cut (episiotomy) facilitate really meant “I think the teachers say built-in memory of the birth.” should also be noted that this is not the place over the mouth of the uterus.

  1. Necessarily the best-neglected infections should be treated during the acute phase.

  2. Buffer, chemicals should not be used.

  3. Vaginal washing with water and soap. The normal vaginal pH, because this process (acid) for opportunistic infections broke makes referrals to germs.

  4. HPV vaccines: HPV vaccines to do between the ages of 9-26. Association with recurring injuries and the risk of cancer in women after 26 years olaraktan vaccination is recommended to delete.

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