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Rwanda Ed Plan 2.0

Enjoy a New Stream of Decent Income with Economy Driver Plan 2.0

Are you a business-minded person who is open to new opportunities to create another stream of income without jeopardizing your current job or business?

You can enjoy the privilege of being an independent business partner of Economy Driver Plan 2.0 and have your own GLOBAL BUSINESS with 8 major streams of residual income through the Economy Driver Plan 2.0 International Expansion Program.

About Economy Driver Plan 2.0

Established in the Philippines in 2006 by Doctor Eduardo Cabantong “The Visionary President”, Engineer Francis Miguel “The Mentor of All Mentors”, Mr. Raymond “John” Asperin “Mr. Excitement "with business offices across different countries (Including Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Togo)

Economy Driver Plan 2.0 is a multinational plan conceptualized to promote prosperity by empowering people to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximizing the wealth of the market through exceptional products and services.

Having created thousands of individual millionaires with a nearly uncountable number of people who are enjoying a nice second stream of steady income through Economy Driver Plan 2.0 impeccable business opportunity, Economy Driver Plan 2.0 is currently seeking more business-minded individuals through its International Expansion Program.


Our Mission Is To Protect And Promote Human Health, And Turn Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Millionaires !!!

Our Partners: DSM | Bright Science. Brighter Living.™ Headquarters:, Netherlands, Nature's Way®. Headquarters: Spring Ville Arizona USA, Weider Global Nutrition - Williams Field Rd, Ste 230, Gilbert, Arizona

Economy Driver Plan 2.0 Business Opportunity

Being the best business concept in the world today (as rated by the world’s top financial experts), Economy Driver Plan 2.0 adopts the concept of Network Marketing for her global expansion program.

However, our plan is quite different from what comes to mind whenever network marketing or MLM is mentioned. It allows you to make money without any form of exploitation.

  • No buying and selling necessary

  • No monthly requirement/maintenance

  • Can be done full time or part-time any hour of the day (it doesn’t affect your current job or business)

  • 100% guaranteed to earn

  • You can meet Economy Driver Plan 2.0 basic requirement in less than one (1) week and enjoy a lifetime residual income without any serious efforts. Even a day job can earn you a lifetime income with Economy Driver Plan 2.0 business.

See What The Experts Have To Say About This Billion Dollar Industry.

As opposed to most people’s wrong impression about the concept of network marketing, Network Marketing is not a get rich quick or money doubling scheme, it is not an investment scheme, a pyramid scheme, or a way of exploiting people.


Most importantly, it is not a business of the JOBLESS, LESS PRIVILEGED, or THE FRUSTRATED PEOPLE who do not have other options to make ends meet, and it is not necessarily a drug marketing business.

Network Marketing is a SIMPLE win-win marketing system and in fact, one of THE FASTEST AND MOST LUCRATIVE MONEY MAKING CONCEPTS in the world today.


It allows companies to grow exponentially and the people involved to create a source of decent residual income by leveraging on time and effort of many other people (like the richest people in the world do).


Most interestingly, it requires very little capital and effort to get massive results.

Because of its simplicity and uniqueness in creating fast and enduring wealth for people, Network Marketing is boldly endorsed and recommended by the world’s Top Financial Experts.

But Why Network Marketing?

Jim Rohn, Legendary Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author. He's a World Class Speaker, Trainer on Self Development, Personal Wealth, Business Success and Leadership etc.

Network Marketing is a big wave of the future. It's taking the place of  franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.”

“If you think Network Marketing is a STRESSFUL and UNINTERESTING BUSINESS, THINK AGAIN! I used to think the same way but my experience with Network marketing within a short time showed me how WRONG I was.”


“With network marketing, you can build a huge money-making empire with just ONE YEAR of part-time work, and enjoy FULL-TIME INCOME for DECADES and Pass-on your income to your GENERATIONS to come without additional work.”

Bill Gates, The World Richest Man and Founder Of The Microsoft Co-operation.


“ If I would be given a CHANCE to start all over again, I would choose NETWORK MARKETING.”

Brain Tracy, World Class Speaker, and Trainer on Self-Development, Personal Wealth, Business Success, Leadership & more.


“The future of Network Marketing is unlimited. There’s no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting into it. It would be one of the more respected business method in the world.”

Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Business of the 21st Century & The Business School For People Who Like Helping People.


“The Network Marketing Industry offers a ready-made business system to anyone wanting to take control of their financial future.”

Steven Covey, "successful businessman, keynote speaker and the author of the best selling book " The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People."

stephen copy.jpg

“Network Marketing has come of age. It’s undeniable that it has become a way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.”

Art Jonak, "A well respected Positive Lifestyle Presenter and Entrepreneur with large fellowship."


“Network Marketing is no longer on the trail. It’s a proven and viable profession, A profession that's helping millions of people get ahead and moving them closer to their dreams”

Donald Trump, “A world-class business leader, USA Congressman and the Current President of the United States Of America.”


One day Donald Trump Had A conversation with David Letterman on a show and these are the narratives

David Letterman: “What would you do if you lost everything and had to Start over from scratch?”

Donald Trump: (without hesitation) “ I would find a good Network Marketing company and get to work.”

Audience: Shouting and Booting

Donald Trump: “That’s why I’m sitting up here and you are all sitting out there!

How Economy Driver Plan 2.0 Works

To get involved with Economy Driver Plan 2.0, you’d need to request membership by purchasing Economy Driver Plan 2.0 package worth 228,000 Rwandan Franc which gives you the opportunity to earn up to 888,000 Rwandan Franc every single day with ease.

“Most people start earning decent amount the same day they sign up -It’s easy!”

What You Will Get For 228,000 Rwandan Franc

Combination of Economy Driver Plan 2.0 products worth more than 228,000 Rwandan Franc, Instantly giving you 100%value for your money


  • A unique registration code for use on Economy Driver Plan 2.0 online platform

  • DTC - Distributor Tracking Center (Your Online Account that shows you what happens on your business), from which you can withdraw to your bank account any time.

  • Business Kit that contains everything you need to do your business

  • FREE ongoing training from business experts to help you succeed fast

  • Lifetime discount of 25% to 50% on all Economy Driver Plan 2.0 products

  • Opportunity to help others through your unique ID

  • Above all, you are now enrolled in to our BIG BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY


Economy Driver Plan 2.0 Compensation Plan - How You’d Make Money

As a business partner of Economy Driver Plan 2.0, you have the opportunity to earn from EIGHT different sources of income at the same time.

1) RETAILING (25% to 50% Retail Profit) OPTIONAL

If you like buying and selling, your membership qualifies you for a lifetime 25% to 50% discount on your next product reorder, while the same products accumulate more points for you to earn additional residual income through other means in the member's reward plan.

NOTE: It is not a must that you retail (buy and sell) before you can make a lot of money with Economy Driver Plan 2.0.


However, Economy Driver Plan 2.0 products sell themselves because of their uniqueness and effectiveness.

They include:

The world’s first ALKALINE COFFEE that contains everything the human body needs for sustainable health in a sachet -It’s never been rejected


C24/7 Natura-ceuticals that has a total of 140 components, Over 22,000 Phyto-nutrients, and including everything the body needs to naturally heal itself of different kinds of life-threatening diseases -this is one of the best products of Economy Driver Plan 2.0 that keep receiving global awards and professional endorsement because of its effectiveness.

Restorelyf -Anti-aging product that makes people look younger than their real age and have a longer lifespan. This product has caught the attention of some of the biggest Media around the world for its effectiveness

The Rest Of The Products Click here

2) DIRECT SPONSORING BONUS (20,000 Rwandan Franc) 
Every member of Economy Driver Plan 2.0 is advised to share this business opportunity with at-least 2 people. As these two people become members by purchasing the Economy Driver Plan 2.0 Package as you did, you will earn 20,000 Rwandan Franc multiply by 2 (40,000 Rwandan Franc) which you can withdraw to your Bank Account instantly. You still earn this 20,000 Rwandan Franc continually on every new member you personally refer to. Getting the right 2 people may be all you need to build an automated source of residual income with Economy Driver Plan 2.0. You will soon see how.

3) MATCHING BONUS (37,000 Rwandan Franc) 
The Most Interesting Part of This Business
The first 2 people that Join your Economy Driver Plan 2.0 Network will be placed on your right and left respectively, while others that subsequently Join your Network are placed under them using Binary system; that is, every new member will have 2 people under them and your network and earnings continue to grow automatically through the same binary system.

Note: Your 2 direct downlines could come either through you or as a spillover from one of your uplines who is referring in excess of 2; creating a guaranteed earning for you and every member even if you are unable to refer 2 people on time.

In another word, you can quickly get your first 2 downlines without referring them yourself, through spillover from your upline(s)

Starting from the first 2 people that join you through any means, whenever there is a new member on your RIGHT and another new member on your LEFT, Economy Driver Plan 2.0 system will pair them and you will be earning 37,000 Rwandan Franc for every available pair.

It doesn’t matter if you or any member is unable to refer people on time or someone refers more than 2; you will be earning the Matching Bonus each time there is a new member on your both side irrespective of how they come - Direct referral, referred by your initial downlines, or as a spillover from your upline(s). See the image below as an example.

RWF 1.png


In the above diagram, the straight vertical line that points at YOU indicates your imaginary line separating your right and left arm of the network; while the curve yellow and green line indicates the pairing (matching) of new members on your right and left.

The black and blue figures indicate what you earn in that sample network. That is, you only introduced A and B, then A and B introduce A1, A2, and B1, B2 respectively

20,000 Rwandan Franc multiply by 2 equals 40,000 Rwandan Franc (for referring A and B) 
37,000 Rwandan Franc multiply by 3 equals 111,000 Rwandan Franc (Total Matching Bonus) 
Your total income in that simple scenario is 151,000 Rwandan Franc. 

If however, you did not refer anyone; that is, A and B came as a spillover from your upline(s) who is referring in the excess of 2 while A and B refers A1 and A2 or B1 and B2, your earnings only reduce by (20,000 Rwandan Franc multiply by 2 the direct referral bonus) because it is not done by you. You’d continue to enjoy your matching bonus of 37,000 Rwandan Franc each time a new member joins your network on both sides irrespective of how they come. You continue to enjoy this matching till infinity even as your network expands, giving you huge residual income, even while you are not working.

Note: It’s not compulsory everyone in your network refers to 2 members and has a balance network before you earn your matching bonus. You earn Matching Bonus even on 1 new person on your right and 1 new person on your left irrespective of where they are.

You can earn this matching bonus of 37,000 Rwandan Franc up to 24 times in a single day which amounts to 888,000 Rwandan Franc per daily income.

“Network Marketing is the fastest way to create wealth in this century that is creating more self-made millionaires than any other industries”

One Years Scenario!


Let’s assume you join Economy Driver Plan 2.0 in JANUARY and it takes the whole of January for you to bring 2 people to the business, then it takes the whole of February for your 2 downlines to bring their 2 people each, and the whole of march for the new 4 people to bring 2 people each and it goes on like that every month.

That is, you would have earned over  151,515,000 Rwandan Franc over a period of 12 months. Remember you are still earning from other sources apart from this matching bonus alone.

This uni-level bonus is based on product reorders from your first generation up to your 10th generation. You can earn a monthly income of 5%-10% reorders on sales volume (SV) based on product Commission Points (Points are assigned to every product of Economy Driver Plan 2.0). You will earn 5% of your Indirect Referrals and 10% from your Direct Referrals. (THUS MORE ADDITIONAL MONTHLY INCOME)

Income-Based on the difference in title or rank. (Silver Executive, Gold Executive, Global Ambassador, Ruby Global Ambassador & Diamond Global Ambassador) Earn Commission on all Group Product Reorder and Global Packages down the line. Group Sale Accumulation, No Time Frame, No Reversion, No Demotion, No Pass Up

6) GA MAX 10!!
Earn 2% of Your GA's Group SV up to the 10th Generation GA's with Roll Down/ Roll-up Compression *Maintain at least 10 non-GA Positional Points Side Volume* 

Do double or triple Personal Monthly Achievement and Increase your Commissional points by 20% - 30% more!!!

What Makes Economy Driver Plan 2.0 Different

  • No pass-up of downlines on uplines

  • No demotion

  • No auto-ship (Simply join Economy Driver Plan 2.0 and carry on your business with product re-order)

  • Guaranteed earning for all active members

  • Requires a very little effort to earn massively

  • No pyramiding

  • One-time international registration

  • Real-time income and activity tracking through our Online Data Tracking System

  • Daily payout to your bank accounts (Africa)

  • FREE Professional training system and free admission into Economy Driver Plan 2.0 - academy MLM University

  • Traveling opportunities and lots more.





RAISE  THE STARTUP CAPITAL And Get Started In Any Of The 3 Ways

Economy Driver Plan 2.0 allows members to own; either; ONE account, THREE accounts, or SEVEN accounts, creating opportunity to maximize your income with same effort.

1 Account 228,000 Rwandan Franc


3 Account 684,000 Rwandan Franc

Untitled design.png

7 Account 1,596,000 Rwandan Franc




Many people are already earning above those figures you are seeing within a short period of time of their involvement with Economy Driver Plan 2.0.

Note that you would also be given products worth the amount you are paying for your account registration, irrespective of the package you choose.



YOU 1 Direct Referral Bonus: 20,000 Rwandan Franc multiply by 2 equals 40,000 Rwandan Franc. Matching Bonus: YOU 2 matched with YOU 3 equals 37,000 Rwandan Franc, A matched with C equals 37,000 Rwandan Franc, B matched with D equals 37,000 Rwandan Franc

YOU 2 Direct Referral Bonus: 20,000 Rwandan Franc multiply by 2 equals 40,000 Rwandan Franc. Matching Bonus: A matched with B equals 37,000 Rwandan Franc

YOU 3 Direct Referral Bonus: 20,000 Rwandan Franc multiply by 2 equals 40,000 Rwandan Franc. Matching Bonus: C matched with D equals 37,000 Rwandan Franc

YOU TOTAL INCOME: 305,000 Rwandan Franc
As Your Network Grows You Can Earn With Your 3 Accounts Package Up To 2,664,000 Rwandan Franc per Day, 18,648,000 Rwandan Franc per Week, 74,592,000 Rwandan Franc per Month 
Many Ordinary People have been earning those figures without stress.

You learn the above figure by just putting 2 people each under YOU 2 AND YOU 3 which are the last legs of your 3 accounts.

These are the four people that will automatically grow your business as they refer 2 people each and their referrals refer 2 people each and it goes on like that.

In other words, you will continue to earn in 3 places with nearly the same efforts required to operate 1 account. Consider the potentially weekly, and monthly income.



Your 7 accounts (without referral) instantly earns you 305,000 Rwandan Franc. And just by putting 2 active people on each of your last four legs, you will instantly earn additional (37,000 Rwandan Franc(matching bonus) multiply by 12) plus (20,000 Rwandan Franc(Direct Referral Bonus) multiply by 8) equals 604,000 Rwandan Franc

These are the 8 people that will automatically grow your business as they refer 2 people each and, their referrals refer 2 people each and it goes on like that. You will continue to earn in 7 places with nearly the same efforts required to run 1 account.

As Your Network Grows You Can Earn With Your 7 Accounts Package Up To 6,216,000 Rwandan Franc per Day, 43,512,000 Rwandan Franc per Week, 174,048,000 Rwandan Franc per Month 


It’s simple. You will be earning from multiple sources with the same amount of effort. It’s only the cost difference in the amount of your initial investment. However, the difference will simply multiply your income immediately and each time you are earning.

Look at the potential daily income for each account status in the table above for instance

Irrespective of the account package you choose, having people that register with 7 accounts in your network gives you a surge of income each time it occurs.



How to Register & Join Economy Driver Plan 2.0 Anywhere In The World

How much does it cost to start the business?
We have been receiving consistent emails from interested business partners across the world wanting to know how much it would cost to start Economy Driver Plan 2.0 business and here we are doing justice to that.


We have 3 different packages namely;
Global Starter Package 228,000 Rwandan Franc
Entrepreneur Package 684,000 Rwandan Franc
International Business 2,280,000 Rwandan Franc

Paying from outside the country?
Due to an increase in people’s exposure to our business opportunity and our efforts to expand to every corner of the world, people from outside Africa can also take advantage of this business by getting in touch with us. We will arrange how you can safely come onboard with ease.

Our registration is online Please Click On the link To Join Now!

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